Our Story

For years, "Ringmistress Media" was the secret code name owner Leonie Mollentze would use when referring to her fledgling business in conversations among friends. When she expanded her team from singleton freelancer to power duo, it was time to officially fly the Ringmistress Media flag.

I toyed around with many business names - even going as far as playing that "name your agency" game online. But Classy El Chupacabra Umbrella didn't quite work. Ringmistress was the one word that kept on coming back to me. It reflects the nature of what we do daily, but also represents how we juggle our professional lives and personal passions. - Leonie

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Leonie Mollentze Leonie has worked in the communications industry for almost 20 years, although she's in absolute denial about being remotely that old. She has worked in every environment imaginable - from high-heeled corporate to hipster consultancy - and facilitated the PR and integrated communications needs for financial services, retailers, provincial government, mass participation sporting events, online gambling, theatre productions, motoring, tourism, and everything in between. A kick-ass writer, strategic thinker and tortured creative rolled into one, Leo is also a self-taught developer whose technical and analytical skills add extra spark to her work. When she's not in the office, Leo is a rebel wife, renegade mom, homeschooler, triathlete, crossfitter, baker, chocoholic and magician, who geeks out over cosplaying, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. Emma Manners-Wood Emma's freak flag flies so high, it's visible from space. Which is why she was the perfect addition to Ringmistress Media. After no less than four years of studying science and convinced that she would work in the medical field, she took an about-turn and did her post-grad in marketing! She then took a year off to pursue a professional career in synchronized swimming (something she still does on a daily basis as she continues to compete for SA), and in 2015 stumbled quite unexpectedly upon a beautifully and eloquently written (but somewhat desperate) job advert on her local community Facebook page. And the rest, as they say, is history! Emma's soul sustenance comes from quotes, fantasy series, and Pinterest. She also loves all things DIY, craft or food-related and decorate a mean cake. And she lives by the motto: "Try everything at least twice and if that doesn't work, have a bottle of wine."